Basic Access System Erector

Basic Access System Erector - CISRS BASIC course for non-scaffolders who erect, modify and dismantle basic scaffolding using a specific system product.

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Basic Access System Erector


CISRS Basic Access System Erector

CISRS Basic Access System Erector (BASE) Training Course is designed for Five days for non-scaffolders who need to erect, modify, and remove extremely simple and routine scaffolding structures utilising a particular system scaffold product.In order to safely utilise a certain system scaffold product in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions within constrained working situations, it provides workers with a limited set of skills and expertise.

This CISRS BASE training is designed for tradespeople who must build their own temporary access, such as bricklayers or maintenance workers. CISRS training centers around the UK that host this course go through annual audits to make sure they are still meeting the requirements of the CISRS Scheme. BASE cardholders who successfully complete their CISRS Basic Access System Erector.

How To Get Basic Access System Erector Course?

For getting CISRS Advanced Scaffolding Training course, you must meet certain requirements and complete the necessary assessment which are mention below:

Areas Covered

CISRS Basic access system erector course Card is valid for five years.After the expiry date it can be renewed.

To renew the card, operators must pass the CITB HS&E Test and 2-day SSPTS course in the same system scaffold product (or receive a recognized exemption).

To register for one of these courses,you must already have CITB HS&E Test (or an accepted exemption) in hand.To possess a current CISRS Base course card, the CITB HS&E Test (or an accepted exemption) had to be successfully passed within 24 months of Basic Access System Erector CISRS Course start date. Pleasenote that CISRS BASE Cards are good for five years, after the expiry date must be renewed by completing a CISRS SSPTS course.

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