CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman)

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CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) Description

The CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) card qualifies individuals in the demolition of structural elements including operation of relevant tools, interpretation of drawings and structural hotworks. Holders will need 5 years' experience in the industry (verified by a CV) in order to sit the 1-day course. The red card is valid for 3 years and is non-renewable. Red card holders must complete NVQ Level 3 within the 3-year timeframe to convert the card to a fully qualified Blue Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) card.

The red card is valid for 3 years. This card is non-renewable. You must complete an NVQ level 3 within 3 years to convert your red Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) card to the blue Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) card.



Must have held a Demolition & Refurbishment Operative 5 Year Card and have passed the Level 2 Demolition & Refurbishment NVQ. For direct entry, you must and have 5 years Demolition Industry experience. To obtain a Demolition & Refurbishment Operative card, you must meet all the pre-requisites for that card and complete the 1-day course.

Current Demolition Specialist or above Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Touchscreen Test Pass.

You must hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate (as a minimum). Other higher level Asbestos Training will be accepted. You can only obtain your Asbestos Awareness Certificate through NDTG, UKATA, ARCA, or ACAD (not E-Learning).

Pass Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) Course. You can complete the 1 day CCDO Advanced Demolition Operative (Topman) course at NDTG venues nationwide.

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