CCDO Demolition Apprentice (TRAILBLAZER)

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CCDO Demolition Apprentice (TRAILBLAZER) Description

If you reside in ENGLAND, you will undertake the TRAILBLAZER Demolition Apprentice Scheme. Your red Apprentice card will be valid for the duration of the 2 year programme. At the end of the programme, you will be required to take the End Point Assessment Test (EPAT) and assuming you are successful, you will receive a full BLUE Demolition & Refurbishment Operative card.

Red card valid for 2 years. This card is non renewable. You must pass the endpoint assessment test at the end of the 2 year apprenticeship programme to convert your red apprentice card to the blue Demolition & Refurbishment Operative Card.



The apprentice is given multiple theoretical and practical training courses.

Applicants for the Demolition Apprenticeship must have the right to work in England AND spend at least 50% of their working hours in England. Existing employees may access the Demolition Apprenticeship, it is not just for new recruits.

£9000.00 - If your payroll is more than £3 million, you’re already invested in the Apprenticeship levy. Non Apprenticeship levy-paying Employers can pay 5% of the apprenticeship course cost, and the government will cover the remaining 95% through the process of ‘co-investment’. So Employers release £8,550.00 of Government Funding for a contribution of £450.00 CITB Grant: Attendance grant is payable up to the apprentice’s last date in learning or the typical duration of the standard, whichever is earlier. The attendance grant rate for starts is £2,500 per year. The achievement grant is £3,500 on successful completion of the Apprenticeship. So £8500 In total.

90 Days Off The Job required (This does not mean off Work/Attending Training, does include mentoring/workbooks etc.). Year 1 will encompass 23 days of training and Year 2 will encompass 11 days of training

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