CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection

Scaffolding structures are covered in the two-day simple and complex Advanced Scaffold Inspection course. Candidates must have substantial expertise in the scaffolding sector and must have held a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Record Card for at least 2 years in order to be considered. The Basic Scaffold Inspection course is not required prior to enrolling in this course for CISRS scaffolders who have held their card for at least two years and for holders of Advanced cards.This card's training requirements include the CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Course, the CITB HS&E Test taken within the past two years (or an accepted exemption), and the CITB.Call Us  330 390 3430

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CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Card

The 2 day Advanced Scaffold Inspection training covers both basic and more complex scaffolding structures. It is aimed at professional Scaffold Inspectors, Scaffolding Supervisors and Management and others who are responsible for statutory scaffold inspection for more complex structures.

To be eligible, applicants need to have extensive scaffolding industry experience and have held a CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Record Card for a minimum of 2 years.
CISRS Scaffolders who have held their card for a minimum of 2 years and Advanced card holders will also be eligible to attend this course without initially having to attend the Basic Scaffold Inspection course.

CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Requirements

Training Required For Card:

Renewal Process:

Quickest and most convenient way to apply for a White CISRS Card through our website is to provide proof of a CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection card; one of the CISRS approved professional bodies also has to provide a valid copy of the professional membership certificate.

Why do I need a White CISRS Card, and what are its purposes?

As a component of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme, CISRS Cards are issued. The program aims to improve safety on construction sites and guarantee that employees employed in the sector are knowledgeable about health and safety issues. The overall safety and standard of a construction site are improved by having a card.

How do I apply for a CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Card?

You can apply for the CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspectionover the phone call directly on our number  330 390 3430 or also you need to provide email evidence of your qualification on mail

How long does it remain valid?

The Validity of this CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspectionwill be five years. It can’t be renewed and once expired must apply for a new card, or can be renewed if your professional membership card has been renewed.

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