Apprentice red card

JIB-PMES CSCS Apprentice red card: VALID FOR UP TO 5 YEARS

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Apprentice red card

This card confirms that the holder is registered on a recognised apprenticeship, and has either passed a Health, Safely and Environment test or completed the appropriate qualification Health and Safety units within the apprenticeship programme. This card is issued to apprentices as follows:

Prior to the issuing of an Apprentice card, applicants must either:

Plumbing and Heating Fitter apprentices engaged through the JTL Managing Agency should contact JTL who issue registration cards for their apprentices.


The standard card fee is £40. Cards are FREE to members of Unite the Union and employees of participant companies whose company is purchasing Holiday Credits or Welfare Benefits on their behalf.

If you are applying for a free card, please download a copy of the application form and submit your application either by email or hard copy. We cannot accept online applications for free cards.

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