NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guardings

NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding you can learn essential skills for highway works with this course. Ensure safety and efficiency in road operations.

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NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding Description

NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act) Unit 1 Signing, Lighting and Guarding Training course is designed to help operatives and supervisors understand the requirements of the street works and road works code of practice. Operatives and Supervisors will learn how to safely carry out signing, lighting and guarding of street works and road works on all highways and roads (except a speed limit of 50mph or more).

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NRSWA Reassessment Courses

Please see below NRSWA Reassessment/Refresher courses that we offer for Operatives and Supervisors.

NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding Certification

After successfully passing the assesment NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding Course a delegate will achieve the NRSWA course certification that is valid for a certain period, usually for five years. This certification demonstrates their competence in signing, lighting, and guarding for roadworks or construction projects.

What is NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding?

NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding is a training course that covers the necessary skills and knowledge for safely setting up and maintaining traffic management systems on the highway during roadworks or construction projects.

How can I book the NRSWA course?

To book the NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding course, you can contact a reputable training provider or visit our website Innovate Trainings to check for available dates and locations.

Who should take this NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding course?

This course is suitable for anyone involved in roadworks or construction projects where traffic management is required, such as construction workers, road workers, and supervisors.

How long is the NRSWA Signing, Lighting & Guarding course?

The duration of the course can vary depending on the training provider, but it typically ranges from one to five days.

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