Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher

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Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher


CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher

For anyone with an expired or existing supervisor card,CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher course is a 2-day session.CISRS Scaffolder/Advanced card holders with a valid SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) certificate are also eligible for this training.

People who want to renew their CISRS Scaffolder (blue) or CISRS Advanced Scaffolder (gold) cards should take this course.This course will update your knowledge, inform you of legislative changes and best practises, and help you align your skill set with the material covered in the most recent CISRS Scaffolder/Advanced Scaffolder Courses.

How To Get CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher?

To get this CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Refresher must meet the following qualifications in order to enrol in this course:

We will submit an application for your CISRS Scaffolding course card after you successfully complete this course.Please contact us if you have any questions about this.


You can apply for this course by calling the building skills programme directly at 330 390 3430, but you must also send email verification of your credentials to Now, allow us to help find the proper job career for you.

Every five years, the Scaffolding Managers and Supervisors Card must be renewed. Prior to renewing your card, you must take a two-day refresher course.

To get CISRS scaffolding supervisor course you must have to take one of the following course:
  • Current Scaffolding Supervisor Card
  • Expired CISRS supervisor card
  • Current SMSTS certification

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