Advanced Scaffold Inspection

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SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection


SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection

SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection is aimed at 2 days course which is intended for qualified scaffold inspectors, scaffolding supervisors, management, and other individuals who are in charge of conducting statutory scaffold inspections for more intricate structure.

People who have held CISRS Inspection Card (or earlier equivalent),CISRS Scaffolder Card for at least two years,or CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card (blue card) are eligible to take this course.After completing the course, you'll receive Scaffolding Inspection Training Scheme (SITS Advanced) certificate and be eligible to apply for a card for the advanced scaffold inspection programme.

How To Get SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection?

For getting SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection must meet with these following qualifications in order to enrol in this course:

NOTE : We will submit an application for your SITS - Advanced Scaffold Inspection after you successfully complete this course.Please contact us if you have any questions about this scaffolding inspection course.


You can apply for this course by calling the building skills programme directly at 330 390 3430, but you must also send email verification of your credentials to Now, allow us to help find the proper job career for you.

Scaffolding Inspection course is for who have held their card for at least 2 years and Advanced card holders will likewise be qualified to go to this course without at first going to Basic Scaffold Inspection course.

CISRS Scaffold Inspection course card valid upto 5 years, to the renewal of this course card Delegate must hold current or lapsed CISRS Basic or Advanced Scaffold Inspection and is going to reestablish their card, (or past same).

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