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CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme

SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) course are designed for construction site managers, site agents,construction directors, and other construction teams.This smsts online course aims to enhance managers understanding regarding for update health and safety knowledge and provides an overview of legislative changes related to site management, for impact on workplace safety. There is no physical 'SMSTS Card’, However individuals can list their SMSTS certificate qualification while applying for a CSCS card.So,Are you looking for smsts course near me.

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How Will You Get SMSTS Training Online Course?

To get SMSTS Course a delegate must meet with the following requirements :

SMSTS Course Certification

Upon successful completion of your CITB SMSTS course, you will receive an SMSTS certificate that remains valid for 5 years. This certificate serves as evidence to employers that you have completed the course and possess the necessary knowledge and responsibilities as a site manager.To maintain your qualification once the original certificate expires, you will be required to undertake a CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme - Refresher course.

Please Note : Before applying for smsts course,participants must be enrolled in a refresher course before the expiration of your original certificate.

How to book CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme?

For CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme to visit our website and navigate to the test booking section. Fill in the required information, select your preferred test date and location. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive further instructions and details regarding the test.


CITB SMSTS course is typically a 5-day training program, also the validity of this course certificate is 5 years.

Yes, if your CITB SMSTS certificate is still in date and valid, you can renew it by attending a 2-Day SMSTS Refresher course.

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