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To get a CPCS (A17) Telescopic Handler Course in UK today, most sites require you to have a CPCS Red Trained Operators Card. The first step towards getting your CPCS red card is completing this NVQ Award in Health and Safety in a construction environment course.

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CPCS (A17) Training - Telescopic Handler Course

Aimed at operators of telehandlers or telescopic handlers, this Construction Plant Competence Scheme CPCS (A17) telehandler training course is created to instruct them in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the telehandler. The CSCS Health, Safety and Environment touchscreen test for Operatives—also referred to as a "telescopic handler" or "telescopic forklift"—must have been passed by all delegates within the previous two years.

Three different categories make up the CPCS (A17) telehandler training course, these are:
A: Telescoping industrial handler
B: Up to 9 meters of telescopic handler
C: All sizes, including 360-degree slew (For this, there is a different telehandler training course, A77).

Depending on the demands of their existing employment role, delegates will need to decide which type of telehandlertraining to enrolin.Operatives can operate telescopic handler categories A, B, and C without the 360 slew thanks to category C of the CPCS telehandler training.

Please take note: The A77 Telescopic Handler 360 slew Training Category has replaced Category D, formerly known as Category A17D, which served as the CPCS telehandler course for all sizes including the 360-degree slew. Because candidates needed to have more experience, the CPCS awarding body created the A77 category in 2018.

The CPCS red card (trained operator) in this category is awarded to successful delegates of any of these CPCS telehandler course categories and is valid for two years. The NVQ in Plant Operations must be earned within these 2 years by candidates who currently have this card in order to upgrade to a Competent Operator "Blue" card.

How Will You Get Your CPCS (A17) Course ?

Getting a CPCS (A17) Training Telescopic Handler Course is an important step towards demonstrating your competence and safety in operating a telescopic handler on a construction site. Here are the steps to follow to obtain your CPCS A17 telehandler course card:

We'll contact you within 48 hours to confirm your reservation or gather additional information before confirming your seat on the CPCS A(17)course. Please ensure that you have read and comprehended the terms and conditions of the CPCS(A17) telehandler training.


A CPCS A17 training course typically covers a variety of topics, including telehandler safety, pre-operational checks, machine-specific controls, loading and unloading, maneuvering in tight spaces, and working at height. The course may also include a practical assessment to evaluate the individual's ability to operate a telehandler safely and effectively.

By taking a CPCS A17 training course, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to operate a telehandler safely and effectively, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on the job site. Additionally, completing this training course can help individuals meet the requirements for certification as a telehandler operator, which can enhance their job prospects and earning potential.

Pass the pertinent CITB test for health, safety, and the environment. Successfully complete the CPCS theoretical test (within two years of passing the CITB health, safety, and environment test) Pass the CPCS practical test (within two years of passing the CITB health, safety, and environment test and within six months of passing the CPCS theory test).

The only method to rejoin the CPCS programme once the card has expired for more than a year is to pass the Cskills Health, Safety, and Environment Test. The appropriate category is covered by the theory and practical CPCS Technical Tests. Sign up for the appropriate category of the NVQ.

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